The performing of the analysis can be summarized in a few phases: opening, insertion of the sample, incubation, color observation and sterilization.

The sample to be analyzed for the microrganism count is inserted directly into the sterile and ready to use vial.

The vial is then placed in a small bacteriological incubator at 30°, 37° or 44 °C. The operator controls the color of the content of the vial and records the time elapsed between the start of the analysis and any color change.

The result of the analysis is obtained by applying a set correlation table (time required for the color change and microrganism number).

After used, the vial content is sterilized, without opening, by pressing the shear-tank cap of the vial. In this way a chlorine-based solution is added to the content and in a few minutes the microrganisms are killed and the reagents are inactivated for a safe disposal.


The kits are available in a pack containing all the material necessary: vial for analysis and sterile distilled water.