These analysis are aimed at establishing the number and/or the presence of specific microbial populations (typical bacteria called "indicators") in food or water samples.

The microbiological analysis of food is really useful in supporting quality systems (e.g. HACCP) and for verification of hygiene process.

The European Commission regulations about microbiological criteria for food, have established the primary need for hygienic safety of food and water.


MBS-HACCP&WATER Easy test is a new product for microbiological analysis of liquid and solid food, surfaces and water. The product utilizes a validated method in accord with ISO standards, enabling a strong time reduction, lower cost and less acquired skill as compared to all other microbiological methods of analysis normally used.


Analisi microbiologiche alimenti


By using MBS-HACCP&WATER Easy test can perform the microbiological control of food supplements, herbal products and remedies, biological food, etc.

It can also analyze cosmetics, creams, lotions and galenic preparations.